Ozark Media Arts Festival

Ozark Media Arts Festival is the premiere festival in the midwest showcasing video and photography from high school and college students. Students can compete in mail-in categories, onsite competitions, and industry lead workshops in broadcast, film, production, and photography, as well as a college, career and tech exposition to connect students with career changing opportunities. The goal of Ozark Media Arts Festival is to build strong connections and networks to enable a sustainable pathway from education to industry.

Ozark Media Arts Festival is free to enter and free to attend. This provides every student in the midwest with an opportunity to showcase their talents and make connections in their field.


(479) 750-1680




Welcome to the Ozark Media Arts Festival Festival.
Our festival is unique in the way that we celebrate student artists. We are a festival that welcomes programs and students from all across the midwest, and provides them with a platform to showcase their excellence in broadcast, film, production, and photography.
First, we want to support opportunities for collaboration between students and professionals by helping bridge the gap between high school, higher education and career opportunities. Second, we want to show students the numerous career possibilities in multimedia
The Ozark Media Arts Festival team works diligently to ensure that students, teachers, and community members have a quality experience at our festival that is not only fun, but informative as well. The Festival is home to competitions, panels, and workshops that prepare our student artists for 21st century jobs. With our 2017 festival, we plan to make this year our most engaging and high energy festival yet.
I am grateful for the continued support Ozark Media Arts Festival has received from our volunteers, staffers, sponsors, and – most importantly – our students & teachers. Thank you for believing in the mission and spirit of  this festival.
                       -Lesley Allen, Festival Director