Thank you for a wonderful 2019 Ozark Festival Media Arts Festival! Over the course of two days, over 1,000 students explored Downtown Springdale, 44 programs from all over the Midwest were in attendance, 20 vendors from college and industry visited with students, over 100 awards were given away, and upwards of $10,000 in prizes were awarded to winners, including the OF THE YEAR Awards that highlighted Teacher of the Year, Video/Photo Program Of The Year, Broadcast Journalist Of The Year, Filmmaker Of The Year, and Photographer Of the Year. Programs OTY received $1,000 towards their programs and prizes from Bedford Camera & Video.

Relive the 2019 Ozark Media Arts Festival! The winning Festival Recap was created by Theron Perkins and Luke Engle from Siloam Springs High School. #OnlyAtOMAF